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Mp3 Universe
Catbirds(my band)


Catbirds(my band)

                                        "beware of the birds"

About us
David: age: 14 instrument: sound effects
CJ: age: 13 instument: singer
Eric: age: 12 instrument: electric guitar(good isn't he?)
Lexie: age: 11 instrument: drums

David(sound effects dude) like to joke around on serious things lol
Eric(electric guitar player) doesn't really joke around but he plays planks on you!
CJ(me) I am the singer and I always joke around and have fun!
Lexie(drums) he likes to make fun of songs with me! He sings with me when I did "Colen Sack Wall"

Our History

We got together about 2 years ago. I had a sleep over and my dad had his equitment out and we thought "hey! lets have a band!" so we started to write songs and here we are now! Cool eh?

Songs from my band stays at MY SITE ONLY!