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What is the dino thinking? " All I get here is ribs ribs ribs! As soon as I eat a rib I get more! I cant take it! I want a cheeseburger!

Polar Bear 2 " Look I am Jesus! walking on water!
Polar Bear one" Help!! My leg is stuck in the snow!" Guest 587" That polar bear 1 is stuck!


here is a quick way to get cash! Its simple just hire a Advertiser that says "Come on down step right up and buy a cheeseburger for a buck and for a limited time when 500 guest buy a cheeseburger in a row all of u will get a life time supply of french fries!"


how many times does it say "A zookeeper cannot be assigned to a marine exibet!" well I hope u learned ur lesson!

This is not a user created object or animal! I found this in mars! WHOA!