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Zt Surviour


Zt Surviour
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Zt Survivour- Who cares about tv! Care about zt!

Zt Survivour is now just starting. There is 4 people on each tribe. There is Drake and Morgan tribe. Both tribes will have to go against reward(a great challenge! When someone wins they get to get something) and immunity(if a tribe wins this then the dont have to go to tribol council) challenges. When there is 2 guest left on each team then they will combined into one tribe and that will be called "Jobura" tribe. You guys are fans and you can pick the guest you want to win! Just like real life! When they win then they get 1 million dollars!(the guest not the fans). LETS PLAY SURVIVOUR ATLANTIS!

Drake Tribe
Information what is going on with this tribe is below

Jerry Hoffman-Very intelligent man. Short but sometimes has a temper
John Roy- Body Builder but has extremly bad tempers(short fuse)
AJ Sunny- Rapper that lives in New York. Isn't very fit
Eric Harrison- Downright christian, animal lover, but doesn't have a job
This weeks' update- Jerry Hoffman got into fight with John Roy. Here is the fight Jerry: "You &#%!^ you cant give up! It is day one!" John:" I am tired &!(#%! get your ^#%&%!$ face outta mine!!" Jerry Hoffman started to walk off thinking he should vote him off of the tribe. He formed an alliance with everyone. Here is the conservation Jerry:" Ok guys we need to get rid of John. I am sick and tired of his little attitudes. Agree?" AJ:" What? we need his strength to win our challenges!" Jerry:" Come on now! Do you feel like being yelled at if you didn't tie your bandana right? he gets on my nerves!" AJ" True...I agree" Eric:" Ok I agree". Eric started to walk back into the woods for some firewood while Jerry started to go swimming in the atlantis sea. AJ just sat there thinking what to do.

Morgan Tribe
information about this tribe below

Sandy Lassiter- Sandy is a very nice person. Kinda weak, but she can get the job done
Linda Wood- A soccer player with great personality. She has really bad short fuse
Becky Meekway- A physical fitness teacher in california. A girl that loves being with her friends. If someone does something to her friend she will get bad.
Greg Cooper- A farmer in florida. Strong but sometimes can have a temper.
Weekly Update- lida was playing soccer with a coconut until she was stopped by Greg. Greg said:" What the heck are you doing with our food? Your kicking it! Stop it now or your going to say bye bye in tribol council." Linda looked at him and started to walk away but Greg wouldn't stop Greg:" Did you hear me? dont walk away! Look at me!" Linda looked back and said" Oh just shutup would ya!" and she continued walking. Back at the tent Greg is telling people to vote Linda off and saying that she wants to destroy all the food. Becky disagreed and walked where Linda was and whispered:" I know that old fart is lying! I head him yell at you. You and me should try to make Sandy vote on him. Agree?" Linda:"So he is over there making up stories eh? I will show that geyser whos boss!" Linda went up to him and shot the finger and ran off.

Tribol Council
More Information about this below

Tribol Council- Where people get voted off
Weekly Update- It isn't time for tribol council yet

Reward/immunity challenge
More information below

Reward and Immunity Challenge- whoever wins this time wins a bench and a hotdog stand(for the day).
What they have to do- Both tribes start at their color plat form. When the host says GO they will all have to find their way through the maze to go to their other plat form. When everyone from a tribe goes on their platform they win immunity and the rewards!

Check back basicly daily to see new updates on surviour atlantis.